May 152009

I really hope Arsene Wenger doesn’t read this, cause once he reads it the main point behind the article is gone.

I always like to sum up my article in my title; just by reading the title you should know what I’m going to write about and hopefully this helps.

“No Risk No Reward? As a Fan, will you Accept a Man Utd Win this Saturday to Convince Wenger to Splash the Cash?”

That is the topic I’m going to talk about today and some of you passionate Gooners should be wondering, “WTF!? Who the hell would want Arsenal to lose to one of their biggest, if not THE biggest, rival?”

Well I’m not going to spoil the whole article by telling you my stand. I’ll let you read the significance behind this Saturday’s match between Man Utd and Arsenal first.

The Hype

They hype behind this match is rather huge for Man Utd fans. Why? Because it’s a match against Arsenal of course! And all they need is 1 point to seal the EPL title. What better way to win the title then beating your fiercest rival to it? It’s somehow equilavent to killing 2 birds with 1 stone: beat yor rivals and win the title. But then if you miss no birds get killed so Man Utd would try hard to prevent that.

The Battlefield

The Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford (Trust me, it hurts for me to write that :P) will be the battleground for this confrontation and again this adds up to the anticipation to the match. It would be a great moment if you could hold the trophy up high so all your fans can see what the team has fought hard to achieve. So excuse me for my previous statement, but I believe it’s now equivalent to killing 3 birds with 1 stone. And by the way up till now I still don’t quite know which is better: Winning the title at your rival’s ground or in front of your own fans at home. So those of you who have thoughts on this, do tell me.

Also, this kinda reminds me of the 2003/04 season, when we won the title at White Hart Lane. Ahhh the memories… I miss the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira and co. Just when the hell are we ever going to hold up the title again!? I really hope Wenger understands our situation.

A More Arsenal-Related View

After writing so much, I’ve yet to touch on my main point for today. As a fan, do you pray and hope that Man Utd win this Saturday so that it will convince Arsene Wenger that this current Arsenal squad isn’t good enough and if something isn’t done, we’ll continuously get thrashed by our rivals? Less than 2 weeks ago, we got beaten 3-1 by Man Utd, and just last Sunday we again suffered defeat at the hands of Chelsea, losing 4-1. 2 rival thrashing in less than 2 weeks. It’s really difficult for any fan to watch the match against United and Chelsea over again, and this Saturday’s match could just be the icing on the cake, the finishing, killer touch. This Saturday could just be the end to our misery. Yes, I’m not messing up my English here. This Saturday could really be a blessing in disguise as losing to Man Utd might finally convince Arsene Wenger to splash the cash on necessary players, rather than go for average signings like Silvestre and Bischoff. Hence, that’s why I said this Saturday could actually put all these atrocities to an end.

Arsene Wenger, the Man Behind Everything

We all know how thrifty Arsene Wenger is when it comes to the transfer market. Admit it, Arsene Wenger is one stubborn arse. 2 seasons ago, many Arsenal fans believe Arsene Wenger shouldn’t sell club legend Thierry Henry. BUT he did not listen and he sold him. That, however, has yield positive results (to some extent). Last season we showed that even without Henry, we can still achieve as a team, but ironically, this season we’re in need of a new striker (I’ll touch on that some other time). The best evidence so far was last season. Almost every Arsenal fans told Arsene Wenger “Sign a defensive midfielder, FFS!” but he followed to his beliefs and gave the first-team spot to Denilson. The result? We’re being outmuscled by other teams and we’re losing on the “physical” side of football, which has cost us dearly on some occasions. Don’t get me wrong, Denilson isn’t such a bad player some of you imagine him to be. It’s just that he’s not a holding midfielder and that has had implications on the way Fabregas is playing this season.

However, sometimes spending the money does work. Andrei Arshavin is the best example. He cost Arsenal an estimated 16 million euros but he has been really impressive so far; scoring 4 goals against Liverpool and winning the “EPL Player of the Month” for April. This shows that, money can bring you far if spent correctly.

For those who arent convinced...

For those who aren't convinced...

Sadly, I have to say, Arsene Wenger will not change his transfer policy no matter what. Maybe a Man Utd win would change it temporarily, forcing him to sign more players during the summer. But over the long run you’ll still realise those expensive signings only come here and there and that youngsters and cheap signings are still his priority. It’s his character, it’s his personality and his way of life, so I doubt anything can change that as he’s had this policy since his early Monaco days.

The expression hasnt change, and neither will his transfers.

The expression hasn't change, and neither will his transfers.

Finally, My Stand on the Discussion

If you’ve read my article carefully, you’ll realise most of my points Arsene-negative (or, Arsenegative lol), and that I’m most towards the hope of a Man Utd win. Well I won’t take sides, I’m just going to tell you these few lines:

As a Gooner, I hope Arsenal would win Man Utd. In fact I will never want Arsenal to lose any matches.

BUT, deep in my heart, I really think that Man Utd should win this, which will hopefully convince Arsene Wenger to accept the fact that signing average players will never win us trophies. We’ve waited for 4 long years and most of us are sick of waiting.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love it if Arsenal beat our fierce rival, Man Utd. But I hope Arsene Wenger understands that even if we were to thrash Man Utd 4-0, our current bunch of players are not good enough for silverware and we need better players. Splash the cash if necessary, but also remember to spend wisely. Spend smart.

Phew. Perhaps my longest post yet. Tell me whether you will hope for a Man Utd win this Saturday so Arsene Wenger will finally change a little of his policy, or you really believe he will never change and that it’s sinful for any Gooner to hope for a rival win. Remember, everybody has his or her own opinions so don’t flame each other please. Tell me by adding your thoughts in the comment box.

One last thing, I’m still collecting comments to send to Arsenal.com with the aim of encouraging Kieran Gibbs to continue working hard after his mistake in the CL Semi-final. So far we’ve only gotten 19 comments, and I believe the number of comments alone might upset Gibbs. But I’ll definitely state that we’re a small site so of course we won’t be getting thousands of kind words. However I’m sure we can do better, do for those who haven’t done it, do send your regards to Gibbs and hopefully motivate him to work harder than before and become a youngster for the future. The thread can be found here.

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