May 112009


I thought I would do this player review differently, and tell you a bit about the game instead.

For the majority of the first half it was a game of ping pong with the rare domination by Milan. Beckham got cared early in the first 10 minutes from a “Gattuso” like tackle which set the tone for the match. Pass ,pass, tap ,tap was the sound of the ball being wacked across from one side of the pitch to another.Inzaghi was very lively in the first half and probaly should of scored about 3 -4 times. Every time the ball went into Milan’s defensive half my heart skipped a beat! After all it was Kalac ” Spider” in goals. In a big game which cost us the title thats the last thing I want. Kaka looked very lively as well as Flamini who do run after run down the wings.

In the second half Inzaghi was starring alongside Flamini. Inzaghi then disapeared for about 10 minutes but appeared again running down the wing into the box, passing it back to the top of the box where Flamini had a shot which deflected off Seedorf past Buffon into the net. Juve then responded with a few attacks which Maldini cleared off with ease. Then the ball went flying in to which Iaquinta scored from a diving header. My heart broke, anger and depression filled my heart. Milan then went on the attack barely allowing Juve to touch the ball. Zanetti was saving Juve time and time again and was the only other support for Buffon who was playing out of his skin.Paolo got hit by chilleni off the ball and grabbed chileini by the scruff of the shirt. Buffon being an italian legend also ran up and hugged maldini away but both defenders were carded. The match then turned very physical with players going down like flys. Poulsen then all of sudden appeared back in the game just to hurt Pirlo. Good move. On the 83rd minute it should of been Pato’s penalty from a tackle behind. The clearance resulted in the same exact tackle on a Juve player from Favalli, but oh no, his Milan, chuck him a red. Milan then went on the attack again. Ronaldinho was fouled awfully and how it was not a penalty was beyond me. Milan had another one or attacks but it was in vain.

Things Azzmilan Learnt From The Game:
buffon fucking fantastic
pato & kaka,inzaghi,maldini,flamini back in top form
Dinho is finished
Seedorf is a burden
Victoria Becks looks great
sendros & flamini r good now
pirlo’s haircut makes me sick
how is poulsen at a big 4 club anywhere in the world, is beyond me
kalac causes me serve heart problems
buffon is enough to beat you
Milan’s season is OVER!!!
The Man Of The Match was easily Flamini. Buffon and Maldini come close runner-ups.


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May 102009
Lol@Hiddink's cute blue tie

Lol@Hiddink's cute blue tie.

Now this is my first ever player ratings (I call it report books) article for Arsenal… Here goes:

Fabianski (5.0) – Honestly, he couldn’t have done anything for the 4 goals he conceded. Made an excellent save for the 4th goal, but Malouda was at the right place at the right time, and that goal was inevitable. However, nobody’s happy with conceding 4 goals, so a 5.0 (borderline pass) would be fine.

Gibbs (7.0) – Solid performance. Even though many people said that he was “devastated” from his mistake against Man Utd, I don’t see any devastation at all. Great mental strength for him to be able to stand up and play football again. Don’t forget to send him your encouragements.

Sagna (6.5) – Was great joining up in attacks but when it comes to defence, he’s partly to blame for the 4 goals. Nevertheless he provided the cross which led to Bendtner’s goal. Showed his consistency once again. He’s never had a really bad match this season.

Toure (6.5) – Was excellent in defence during the first half. THEN all of a sudden, he scores an own goal (he didn’t have a choice), is involved in the rumble jumble at the back, and concedes 4 goals. He made vital tackles in the first half, including winning battle of strengths against Drogba on numerous occasions. But second half he was a little below-average. Needs to step up and organise the backline better.

Silvestre (5.5) – Didn’t do horribly but again he has somehow shown the Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger that he’s nothing but a very average player. He should have seeked his fortune at a club like Wigan or Everton. At Arsenal, he’s just not good enough to be a trustworthy backup.

Song (6.5) – Didn’t do too badly. Once again he needs to tell the fans his position – is he a holding midfielder or an attacking midfielder? From how I see it, he favours attacking and I wonder if that’s what Wenger wanted him to do.

Nasri (6.5) – Had a better game than Fabregas. Made some smart passes which were a danger to the Chelsea defence. No assists though.

Walcott (7.0) – I heard the commentator say he was good at times but just couldn’t provide 101% for the whole match to be able to stay on the pitch. I disagree with that. I really felt that even though he didn’t score and was a little wasteful at times, he was the most threatening player for Arsenal. Taking him out would mean Chelsea had one less “threat” to worry about and Ashley Cole can then relax.

Diaby (5.5) – Sorry for being harsh, but once again, he held up the ball, made some runs, but in the end he didn’t contribute much. He needs to improve that aspect of his game; I’ve said it many times. You can do 15 stepovers, 20 roulettes or 17 fakes, but if you don’t score, pass or support your team nobody would give a shit about you. Not the media, not the fans. He should make full use of his remaining matches or I can see him leaving.

Fabregas (6.5) – Not his best game. Could have easily gotten a 6.0 but seeing that he was involved in some attacks, plus a little bit of favouritism, he gets a 6.5. His passes weren’t really “pin-point” today. Can he really play in the hole behind the striker? I think not. He should play where he played last season, which worked out so well. In fact I wouldn’t mind seeing him play a little deeper too.

van Persie (5.5) – He just couldn’t get into the game. Had a few decent chances here and there but he didn’t really do much. I think he only had 1 threatening shot (I might be wrong). Too inconsistent. I’m sure if some club offers big money, Arsene wouldn’t mind cashing in on him.

Adebayor (5.0) – Didn’t really do much since coming on. Had a few great chances but waste them. A 5.5 would be fair but I deducted 0.5 points for the dive. Silly boy, he’s lucky not to get a yellow.

Bendtner (7.0) – Ahhh, the “hero” of the game for Arsenal. Not long ago he said he would be concentrating on improving his game and I really think he’s doing just that. However, I’m still NOT convinced he should stay. But if he keeps this up, I might have to quietly, forcefully, say “I’m Sorry” to Bendtner for my rant. Check out the article/rant here.

Denilson (5.0) – Really anonymous. Can’t blame him as he was a substitute though.

Pardon me if my reports are a little long or wrong. As I was watching the match lots of thoughts came through my mind and I thought I should publish it. Tell me YOUR thoughts too. Who would have watched the match without saying “Bendtner’s good… Ooops.”? Also tell me if my reviews are inaccurate. As always, bookmark our site or subscribe to our feed if you like my articles. Thanks for reading.



May 092009

For Arsenal fans (myself included), everybody knows what happened just nights ago, enduring the  heartbreak of losing to one of our rivals in the Champions League semi-finals. But instead of lamenting ourselves over it, why don’t we do something positive?

All of us know that Kieran Gibbs made one a costly mistake in the match, slipping and then allowing United to score. How devastating that could be for a 19 year-old boy. However, this kid has a bright future ahead of him and what he needs to do now is to get his confidence back on track. And WE can do that for him. Why don’t we send some encouragement to him? Everyone loves encouragement, no matter how good you are.

So here is my big plan: To collect as many comments as possible, then send Arsenal.com those comments through email.

Some of you would argue it’s a waste of time, but then, think about it. How difficult is it for the webmaster of Arsenal.com to tell his boss to inform Arsene Wenger of the comments? Then Arsene Wenger can tell Gibbs about it and he’ll probably have a look. There is no harm for Wenger in doing all this; he knows as well as us that encouragement from the fans is what he needs. The whole process only takes minutes, if not days.

If you are interested, click on the article’s title, then post a comment in this format:

Name: Darren Chow

Location: Singapore

Message: Cheer up Gibbs, you’ve lots of potential. Don’t let the incident get the better of you! What’s over is over, get out there and show the world what you can do!

Lol… Sorry if you find my message corny. Try to keep your message short and sweet. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving any of your particulars, you can skip it.

And 1 more thing: You do not, I repeat, do not, need to be an Arsenal fan to send your regards. So even if you’re a Chelsea or Liverpool fan, you can also send encouragement! Tell your friends to participate too. It would be awesome if a Man United fan send some touching message for him! Come on, we support different clubs, but we all love football don’t we.

I hope to see the kind words rolling in. Good luck! (15342)

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