Feb 172012

This is a guest post by our guest writer Simon Leon an Arsenal fan.

Welcome to my first blog entry, I find it ironic that my first attempt to blog about The Arsenal comes the day after one of the worst European nights in recent memory. But rest assured I will mention the performance no more, nor will I attempt to dissect the team from the top down, I will leave that for another day. I thought I’d start with a bit about me, why I became an Arsenal fan.

This is a question that has been asked by all of my family, who incidentally, are all Spurs fans, whisper it quietly. So how did someone growing up in a Spurs household with Tottenham supporting parents come to support their local rivals Arsenal? Well it all started back in 1993, I was 6 and my parents had just divorced. At the time I was only just getting into football, and without the overbearing Tottenham supporting male role model about I found my own way into the football universe.

I resisted the temptation to follow the trend of all my class mates and become band wagon glory hunting Manchester United fan, instead Arsenal caught my eye. My first encounter of Arsenal was through a certain Ian Wright, his character, his flair, his all-round ability drew me to the guy, as a young fan, this was the sort of player that attracts you to a club, just like a certain someone by the name of Messi is doing for a whole new generation of young fans at Barcelona.

The seeds were sown, and gradually over the next few years my feelings for The Arsenal would grow to the obsessive love affair that it is today. This was despite the many attempts from my father to convert me to the dark side!

I was showered with “Ginola” branded Tottenham shirts, taken to White Hart Lane, but to no avail. My first big football match was at the Lane, a drab 1-0 win against a struggling Blackburn Rovers, I insisted on wearing my Arsenal shirt underneath my coat, but resisted exposing it to the masses; I adore my legs very much.

I think it was 1999 when my dad finally admitted defeat and brought me an Arsenal shirt for my birthday, victory was mine. Like the old saying goes “You can’t help who you fall in love with”

From then on in, I was on my own, a footballing outcast from the family, supporting The Arsenal by means that my pocket money would allow. In the last 7 years, as my career has taken off I have been able to follow The Arsenal in ways my young self could only dream of. So in a nutshell that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

How did you became an Arsenal fan? Share with us in the comments.

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