Jan 172014

Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon d'Or

It’s been four years since Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, last won this coveted prestigious award while his rival raked Four consecutively; engraving his name permanently among the greats of the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo arguably has a case concerning how the winner is decided; just like everyone else, he wants to know if the winner is decided by the number of goals scored in a calendar year (as we had in 2012), or by the number of laurels won (as was in 2011), or was it based on your impact for your club in a year that FIFA hosted the world cup? As we obviously had in 2010 – this is not to ridicule the performances of the Argentinean who picked the award on the aforementioned years, rather, yours truly is pointing out that there was no real criterion set aside to decide the winner of this award which made it even for difficult – Ronaldo probably felt he deserved to win on one or two of those years but he never did. And after Five long years of waiting, the “cry baby” couldn’t hold his emotions back; the hardworking Portuguese was in tears even as he gave his speech. Yes! He did it again.

Yes, he did it again. He last won in 2008 and waited this long to get his second; hang on, this is synonymous to “the real Ronaldo” who also won his first Ballon d’Or in 1997 (while playing for Barcelona) before winning again in 2002 (this time he wore the famous No. 9 shirt at Real Madrid) but largely aided by his invincible world cup outing in Korea/Japan that summer.

Having said that, lets visit Robin Hood’s controversy box for our own share of the goodies he managed to get from the palace shall we? Bayern boss, Uli Hoeness was going to probe into it if Frank Ribery fails wasn’t he? Guess his job is much easy right now; Unlike in the past years where the difference in votes is very much one-sided; Lionel Messi dominating it completely, it was much close this time, as I would go with Uli Hoeness and many others on this to say that; the extension of the voting literally handed Cristiano this award – not like Ribery (23.36%) could have won it anyways as the voting poll showed he finished behind not just Cristiano (27.99%), but also behind Lionel Messi (24.72%) – his Four goals vs. Sweden in the world cup playoffs won the heart of majority to himself and quite controversially, FIFA chose to extend the voting time, not just that, voters were also allowed to change their votes if they wanted – that looks like Robin Hood stealing from the palace while the whole city watched an execution right in front of the palace. It also came moments after Cristiano had been heavily criticized by FIFA president Joseph Blatter on TV and the Portuguese won pity to himself and abuse on Blatter.

So I ask myself, had this incidents not happened, would Cristiano win this year’s edition? Seeing that he only managed to peep Messi with about 3%; it showed that the Argentinean despite his injury could easily have won it again this year and make it 5 in a row, despite losing scandalously to Bayern in the semi finals of the UEFA Champions league, and losing in the Copa del Rey semi-final to Real Madrid? Many people will never appreciate that award anymore.

“It’s a pleasure to be here for the seventh consecutive year. It’s very nice” – Messi

In that period he’s won it 4 times and has finished as direct runner-up twice; only time he finished third was his first year in the Gala event (2007) when Kaká won it.

Hey folks, Here is our new king; All Hail Cristiano Ronaldo

Article written by: Tolu Olorunmoteni (4631)

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