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Its been a couple of weeks since the news of Messi’s alleged tax fraud came out, all the papers with the blazing headline, “WORLD’S BEST FOOTBALL COMMITS TAX FRAUD” or something along these lines. This got me thinking about whether Messi or Ronaldo have a case for being called the best footballers of these generations, or in the history of football.

Lionel Messi has been widely proclaimed as the world’s best modern footballer. Well, there is certainly a case for him to be called that, especially since the broke Ger ‘Der Bomber’ Muller’s record of 85 goals in a calendar year by scoring an astonishing 91 goals, an incredible feat.

Cristiano Ronaldo too has propelled himself into another dimension by going to Real Madrid, become one of the most feared wingers of the world, with bags of tricks in his repertoire. His scoring record too has been incredible, with 201 goals in 199 appearances for Madrid, even though his primary position is that of a left winger (Yes, I know that’s a line that most Ronaldo fans tend to say, but they do have a point).

Coming back to the point, who really is the best footballer? For me it none of those two. The best footballer should be that player who stands above his peers in all aspects of the game, let it be attacking or defending. Ask Messi to play instead of Pique or Puyol, and you are guaranteed to concede plentiful goals. Ask Ronaldo to play in central midfield, and you are depriving him the use of his express pace, which totally kills his game.

Therefore it stands to reason that anyone who should have a chance to be considered as the best modern footballer should be a midfielder. A midfielder is the most integral part of the team, linking defence and attack, supporting both of them. And this generation has thrown up some wonderful midfielders too, the best of them being Bastian Schweinsteiger, Andrea Pirlo and Xavi. All these three are great figureheads of the game for their tireless work in the field, particularly Schweinsteiger, working their socks off to win the ball back. Also, they are famed for their dead ball speciality and their thirty yard rockets.

These midfielders are certainly the best that there are right now, performing admirably for their countries. However again, like before ask Pirlo to play as a striker and you will have the slowest striker in the world. Similarly with Schweinsteiger and Xavi, playing them out of midfield won’t do them good, or their team good.

Similarly the best defenders like Thiago Silva and Vidic too have a case, and I can go on and on. And likewise with Neuer, Hart and Casillas. So the point that I am trying to make here is that no one in this world has the sole right to call himself the best modern footballer. They are all the best in their respective positions, and you certainly not compare a left back like Ashley Cole, with Robin Van Persie. That would be like comparing Manchester United and the Indian cricket team. So call Leo Messi the best centre forward that there is now, but comparing him to someone like Yaya Toure would be injustice, not only to Messi, but to Toure too, who are both great players in their own right.

Therefore, there just isn’t any basis to call Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo the best modern players, since like them there are plenty others who are the best in whatever they do.

So, what do you think? Who is the best footballer in world. Think about it and form your own opinion. You can watch every Premier League and La Liga game on direct tv. After watching for a while, you too should have your own opinion on who is the world’s best. (818)

  8 Responses to “Why Ronaldo And Messi Can’t Be Called The Best Players In The World”

  1. I think football is all about scoring goals.

  2. Messi and Ronaldo clearly are the best footballers currently. No one is good out of position. The best footballer is decided on the gap between the attributes of the next best on the same position. Messi, Ronaldo are miles ahead of Falcao or Bale. Thiiago Silva and Sergio Ramos are pretty close

  3. Messi is d best cos he can play most part of d plan of football, and there are 3 parts in dis plan, attack (which comprises of both center forwards and wingers), mid-field, and defense… and messi is capable of playing both attack and mid-field, which is 2/3 of the plan… comparing messi to ronaldo on a 0-10 basis.. In attack I’ll give messi 9.9, ronaldo 9.2, dis is bcos messi can play explicitly well as both a CF and a Winger, while ronaldo plays fairly well as a CF and explicitly well as a winger; in mid-field messi 9.5, ronaldo 9.4, and dis is bcos of their game play ronaldo depends almost solely on pace were as d mid-field gives u less space for running;… in defense I’ll give Messi 5, ronaldo 3, dis is cos messi helps out well in defense sometimes while ronaldo hardly sees his post except he is viewing it from his opponents half… thanks…

  4. go home u r drunk

  5. I can understand your point, but it is unfair to all other legends who are great in their positions, to be compared with probably the third best centre forward of all time, after Péle and Maradona. And @somalayaghosh i am too young to drink, so i cant be really drunk.

  6. @Rohit Alfred Di Stefano was a great player in all positions

  7. I disagree with the arguments presented here based on two things.

    1) The most difficult thing to do in football is to score goals. Therefore, the players who score goals should be considered to be the best, for the most part. I am not taking anything away from midfielders, defenders, or goalkeepers because each of those positions is a challenge in itself, and each is as necessary as having forwards, but as I said before, scoring is the objective of the game, and therefore, the most difficult part of it. With this reasoning, it is plain to see that goalscorers should be considered the best players in the world due to the difficult of the task that they perform on the field.

    2) The best player in the world, in my opinion, should be the player who accomplishes whatever his job is in the best way possible. For example, forwards must score goals, midfielders facilitate and break up play in the middle of the park, and defenders’ and goalkeepers’ main jobs are to stop the opposition from scoring. Therefore, the best player in the world should be (A) the forward that scores the best goals, (B) the midfielder who facilitates and breaks up play the best, or (C) the defender or goalkeeper who stops the opposition from scoring in the best way possible. Best can mean most important, most frequently, or even of the highest quality.

    In each of these arguments, you must also consider the fact that players player in different leagues with very different characteristics. For example, the MLS in America is not at as high a level as the Barclay’s Premier League, so league difficulty must also be taken into account when considering who truly is the world’s best player. It is extremely easy, for example, for Ronaldinho to dominate the Brazilian first division, even though he couldn’t continue to dominate I’m Europe.

    I can see your point that it is difficult to compare players who play in different positions, but I think that you can compare them by asking which of the players accomplishes their job in the best way. I hope all of this makes sense.

  8. I agree with your second point, but not with your first.I feel that defending is as challenging as scoring goals and, and goalkeeping is probably more difficult than scoring goals. A great goalkeeper will save a minimum of 10 points a season.

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