Jun 282013

It looks as though the Arsenal are going to be in for a treat this summer. For so many years since the move from Highbury we’ve seen seriously limited budgets for player transfers and many of our best players have left for either money or success. This year looks to be different with significant money available and so far despite the transfer window not even being open we have been linked with enough players to be buying a whole new team. The focus at the moment seems to be primarily targeted towards bringing in a new striker/strikers but what would that mean for Arsenal’s current striker Oliver Giroud?

It is no secret that despite scoring more goals in his first season than either Thierry Henry or Didier Drogba many fans were unhappy at Giroud being our main attacker. Some felt he was lazy, others wasteful and some just felt that he didn’t have the quality to be our main attacking threat and so far this transfer window it looks as though we’re serious about bringing in a top quality striker or two and were currently heavily linked with both Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney.

So why does that matter to Giroud? Well in my opinion it’s a question of whether we’re bringing in only one striker or whether Arsene Wenger feels the way many fans do and think we need major reinforcements up front if we’re going to stand a chance of challenging for the title this year.

If we bring in only one striker then I see Giroud featuring quite alot this season. I feel that if we opt for a Higuain type striker then we will see Giroud used as a target man providing knock downs from crosses and set pieces and trying to form an understanding with the new striker and also chipping in with a few goals himself
when given the opportunities to score. If Arsene goes with a Rooney type signing then I still see Giroud seeing plenty of game time only this time much more as the focal point of our attack. I’d imagine he’d be the one that a Rooney type player would be looking to set up feeding him and Theo Walcott through balls to get on the
end of and putting them clean through on goal but he will score and be providing assists from corners, set pieces and crosses too with his size.

The problem as I see it for Giroud is if we bring in both Rooney and Higuain or two players of that ilk. If that were to happen I don’t think we’d see all that much of Giroud this season. Sure he’d feature in cup games perhaps and provide cover for injuries and to rest players but I can’t see him featuring all that much more than
that especially if Santi Cazorla continues out in the left side of attack. Same goes for Theo although I’d imagine he’d be primarily used as an impact sub anyway. I’d also say it has alot to do with the formation we adopt too as if we were to see Rooney and Higuain line up for us next season I’d imagine Arsene would do a bit of
tinkering with the formation.

At the end of the day however this is all just speculation. Who knows what Arsene has got us his sleeves now that the financial shackles have been released. we could end up with the best strike force in the league come August, we could just as easy see Giroud continue as the main man and Sanogo being his understudy who knows but
one things for sure I bet Oliver Giroud has an eye on what’s happening in the transfer market this summer just as much as we fans do and if I’m 100% honest I don’t care who does or doesn’t come in as long as this season we are in the mix for the title. With the money at our disposal and the players available in the transfer
market to compliment the players we have already, there’s no reason why our season should falter by December this season as it has done in so many others.

That’s it for today guys. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments!

Johnny Greenwood @Johnny_G86 (516)

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  1. we need the two strikers,that is Rooney and Higuin.And also in need of Fellani too.And also sign Julius Ceaser for to be the number keeperfor us.please we need to compete for silver wears this season and also to fight for the champions league title this coming season.

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