Jun 272013

Tottenham have endured alot of heartache in recent years. Especially the last two season where they been plagued by the now popular ‘May 19 curse’ (a day they lost their place in the champions league in each of the last two seasons). They are now viewed as serious contenders for a top four finish but with Mourinho back at Chelsea, Man City reinforcing, Man Utd remain a traditional power house, their only hope of a top four finish is catching Arsenal and that won’t be a mean feat because they have never finished above Arsenal in the EPL. With Arsenal also looking at some new signings let’s look at 3 things Spurs must do if they want to qualify for the 2014/15 champions league season.

1. KEEP BALE: To say that Bale is an important player for Spurs is an understatement, he literally carried spurs through the season with injuries to Dembele, Lennon, Defoe and with Adebayor not scoring and inconsistent performances from Holtby, Dempsy, Glyf etc. Spurs relied too much on Bale and he didn’t disappoint (most of the
time). No midfielder scored more winners than Bale in the EPL last season. Spurs must refuse advances from Madrid and other suitors and keep Bale.

2. SPEND BIG: Daniel Levy has a reputation of been a tough man to negotiate with, sometimes it has worked against him ( Willian and Moutinho) he needs to soften and not always play hard ball. Spurs need to get quality players if they are to seriously challenge for a top four finish.

3. BE CONSISTENT: Consistency is the most important. If they are to challenge, they have to be consistent. Winning against Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City only to lose against Fluham, Reading and draw against Qpr, Wigan and the rest won’t get you anywhere. They must perform at a high level every week, it is possible for a team like Spurs, they have good squad depth and decent enough players to get a top four finish if they are consistent enough.

My name is Ifeanyi Ohaka (Follow me on twitter via @mazacar10 ). (3256)

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