Jun 252013

Where do I go from here?

Edinson Cavani is without doubt in the top 10 if not top 5 of the world’s best strikers today. But what is next for the Uruguyan center-forward? Having scored 108 goals in 129 games it is no wonder that he has been the most talked about player being linked with a move elsewhere. Clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City are in the race for the 26 year old so you know for a fact that he is one of the best strikers in the world. In this article you will find out what move best suits him and why these clubs are linked with Cavani.

Chelsea has been missing a striker as prolific as Cavani for a long time. With Didier Drogba leaving the club this time last year Chelsea just hasn’t found a good enough player with his quality for the past year which is very hard because Drogba is in many people’s views irreplaceable. Since January 2013 Chelsea has been very limited on players that they can use upfront. Having Fernando Torres and Demba Ba who have been both inconsistent this season for Chelsea isn’t going to boost their chances in winning the Premier League. If Chelsea really want to win the Premier League this season which I am sure they do then they need to go and buy a marquee striker and I think Edinson Cavani fits the bill. Cavani would very much fit into Chelsea’s system easily.

Jose Mourinho likes strikers who are physical. What I mean by physical is strong and quick. Cavani’s work ethic is out of this world always tracking back and helping out the defence when needs be. Most Chelsea fans are probably thinking that they don’t want to see another £50 million striker at the club because of the experiences with Fernando Torres that didn’t go according to plan but because of all those attributes he has, I think he is worth it and I am a Chelsea fan myself. Cavani has said previously he would like to work with Mourinho and he is flattered with reports linking him to the club. I think the only thing stopping him from going to Chelsea is personal terms. Chelsea can easily afford the price for the player but Cavani has to consider his personal life in Italy with his family and also the wages he on which is quite high at the moment.

Real Madrid has had many issues this past season. They have had to deal with both on and off field incidents. If I had told you before the season started last year that Real Madrid weren’t going to win at least one trophy then you would have thought I was crazy. Jose Mourinho who was manager of the club last season didn’t have a great relationship with the players and also the board and when a football club starts to fall apart it becomes a lot harder to win trophies. With Gonzalo Higuain set to leave the club Real have got Karim Benzema and Alvaro Morata who can naturally play in the center-forward role. Benzema has already proved himself on the big stage and already fits into the Real Madrid team whereas Morata is still gaining experience but looks like a promising player for the future. Real Madrid and Chelsea’s formation is very similar having just the one striker upfront.

Cavani doesn’t need to have striker upfront to help him because he has Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil and Angel Di Maria providing Cavani chances. Also having Carlo Ancelotti one of the most experienced managers in world football today potentially managing Real Madrid would also help the striker. However, Real Madrid have been linked with many other transfer targets like Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale who could also both play in the center-forward role and if Cavani really wants to move to Madrid then he may have to wait longer as Florentino Perez the Real Madrid President has confirmed that they will wait until the unveil their new manager before players start to come to the club.

Man City has also failed to win any silverware this season. After finishing at the bottom of their group in the Champions League and failing to win a game Man City really need to improve their performances in Europe and if Cavani ends up at Man City I think they have a good chance to improve their chances in the Champions League. With Tevez and Dzeko being rumoured to be leaving Etihad stadium, Man City will desperately need a striker. With the possibility of having Cavani and Aguero partnering upfront things will start to look good if they can sign the Napoli player. However, according to Aurellio De Laurentiis the Napoli president confirmed that Man City isn’t prepared to pay the release clause of £53 Million.

In my opinion I think that Chelsea is the best place for Cavani to go because he has the attributes a player needs to be successful in the Premier League and would also fit into Chelsea’s formation. Real Madrid still have a good chance of winning the race to sign the Uruguayan and there is also a slim possibility of another club getting Cavani or he may possibly stay at Napoli but if Cavani wants to be the best center-forward in the world he needs to move to a better club. But this is football so anything can happen. (342)

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