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Jose Felix Mourinho is A man that divides opinion of the press and fans worldwide, he is hated and loved in equal measure even in Spain but lets look at the most common ‘sins’ Mourinho is said to have committed against football.


May people belive this to be true but lets follow his Career so far and see if that is true…

LEIRIA: a club currently languishing in the 3rd tier of Portuguese football was once coach by Mourinho. He lead them to their ‘best ever’ finish in history 5th place in the Portuguese league after he left Benfica with players like, Freddy 21 (free), Nuno Laranjeiro 18 (youth team), Joao Paulo 20 (loan) and Maciel 22 (100,000€) playing a vital role in the teams success. If that is not trusting youth, I honestly don’t know what is.

PORTO: Porto were a rich club and could afford to spend big on players but there were places in the team for youngsters like Carlos Alberto 18 (2.5m€), Cesar Peixoto 22 (1m€), Jose Bosingwa 20 (1m€), Paulo Ferreira 23 (2M€), Ferreira (free), Ze Carlos (loan) and Hugo Almeida (youth team).

CHELSEA: Chelsea were a team on the ascension and the theme then was dominate at any cost but there was still places for youngsters like, Arjen Robben 20 (12m), Petr Cech 22 (7m), Tiago 23 (7m) Lassana Diarra 20 (2m) Glen Johnson (youth team) Robert Huth (youth team) Scott Sinclair 18 (youth team), Ben Sahar 18 (youth team), Salomon Kalou 20 (4m), John Obi Mikel 19 (16m).

INTER MILAN: Already he had an aging squad and was under pressure to win and yet Victor Obinna 21 (free), Riccardo Maggiorini 22 (1m), Mcdonald Mariga 22 (10m), Marko Arnautovic 20 (loan) and Davide Santon 18 (youth team) all were given significant playing time.

REAL MADRID: Perhaps the most difficult of them all but still young guns like Morata (youth team) Casmiero (youth team) Nacho (youth team) Rahpael Varane 18 (10m) all played.

P.S: Aside Leiria and Porto One must really rack his/her brain to remember the last player to graduate from the youth team to the senior team all of these teams ( John Terry and Iker Casillas ).


We will start with Porto because Leiria couldn’t afford a big player even if the wanted to.

PORTO: 02/03; E. Jankuskas, M. Ferreira, N.E. Santo, P. Ferreira, C. Peixote, N. Valente, A. Buzsaky, Derlei, Tiago, Maniche, Ferreira, Ze Carlos= 17.8m. ‘Marquee’ signing; E. Jankukas 2.4m.

03/04; C. Alberto, Maciel, S. Conceicao, B. Mccarthy, F. Rossato, J. Bosingwa, P. Mendes= 10.5m. ‘Marquee’ signing: B. Mccarthy 3.5m.

CHELSEA: were flexing their muslces with the big boys home and aborad they needed to make big signings to keep up.

04/05: D. Drogba, P. Cech, A. Robben, Tiago, Alex, M. Kezman, P. Ferreira, R. Carvalho and J. Jarosik= 80m. ‘Marquee’ signing: D. Drogba 24m

05/06: Rajkovic, M, Essien, Lassana Diarra, S.W. Phillips, A. Del Horno. Maniche = 60m. ‘Marquee’ signing: M. Essien 26m.

06/07: A. Cole, K. Boulahurouz, J.O. Mikel, A. Shevchenko, S. Kalou, M. Ballack, Hilario = 60m. ‘Marquee’ signing: A. Shevchenko 30m.

INTER MILAN: Another club that needed to dominate Europe but had an aging squad, a change was imment.

08/09; R. Maggiorini, R. Quaresma, S. Muntari, H. Crespo. Mancini, L. Jimenez, V. Obinna. ‘Marquee signing: R. Quaresma 20m.

09/10: M. Mariga, G. Pandev, W. Senijder, M, Arnautovic, S. Eto’o, Lucio, D. Millito, T. Motta. ‘Marquee’ signing: D. Millito 20m

REAL MADRID: A club known to buy only best and nothing but the best.

10/11: E. Adebayor, M. Ozil, R. Carvalho, A. Di Maria, S. Khedira, P. Leon, S. Canales. ‘Marquee’ signing: A. Di Maria 25m.

11/12: F. Conentrao, N. Sahin, R, Varane, J.M. Callejon. H. Altintop. ‘Marquee’ signing: F. Conentrao 25m.

12/13: D. Lopez, M. Essien, L. Modric. ‘Marquee’ signing: F. Modric.


Looking at all these signings I don’t see a world footballer of the year or a runner up in the list. Its either a prospect or past his prime or average or a reject ( Maniche and Sneijder, Pandev, Adebayor, Carvalho and Eto’o). So I don’t understand where the buying of trophies or already – made players come from.


This became most associated with mourinho while at Chelsea, when the press claims Chelsea play ‘boring football’. I remember Chelsea in 04/05 season won games by 4 goals at least on ten (10) separate occasions, the team scored 72 times in the league only 2nd placed Arsenal scored more won against Barca 4-2, against Bayern 4-2 and lost 3-2 in Munich, Chelsea played effective football under Mourinho so did PORTO, INTER, and MADRID (scored more goals than Barca in each of his 3 seasons there).

In 05/06 season Chelsea scored more than any other side in the league so also did PORTO (02/03, 03/06), INTER (09/10) and MADRID (10/11, 11/12). Effective Football is, try to contain your oppostion, give them little or no space and also take your your chance while you are at it. THAT IS NOT NEGETIVE.

A man who does his best and always gives his best should be the respect he deserves… WELCOME HOME JOSE FELIX MOURINHO. (896)

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