Jun 182013

As a human, we are created with likes and dislikes which, often times, pans our sentiments and bias to that which we love and it is associated with an unchanging belief in the face of a torrid time, mixed feelings, agonies, happiness and pride. It has to be noted, everything has its own prize! Fans generally should have informed their minds of the enormities associated with being a supporter as well as its concomitant effects on the body and souls. Suffice it to say many had not prepared their minds to these variables!

It is as true as God’s existence that an idea to support a certain club developed from within, induced by our predisposed likeness which to a large extent, will not be changed by anybody. We were not forced to support Arsenal. Are we? The decision ostensibly came out of our own volition, without us being under any duress. We probably did not receive any formal invitation, letter from any associated Arsenal syndicates, agency, previous coaches of our great club or Arsene Wenger to make a free oath that Arsenal is our beloved. Definitely, we made the choice by our very own.

What baffles me is the consternation with which a lot of Arsenal fans talk about the team devoid of any optimism, positivity, hope and expectations, present us as novice in football supportership in the face of our opponents, who gloats in their minute achievement, and, relish seen us in melancholy.

In truth, Arsenal have under-achieved for the past 8 years. For those that love the club, it is a serious concern given the stature of the club; we ought to be winning trophies (even if it’s not every season), and fighting for trophies. Here we are: not fighting for cups again but for fourth place, selling our star players every season, dealing with a prolong deals of deadwoods, purchasing mediocre this will definitely erupt and elicit some negative reactions from fans.

Supporting a team is like getting married! We are in for a life sentence of emotional modulations and undulation. You wouldn’t desert your better half when errors are found in him/her. Will you? This is a serious activity where your mind should have weighed the likely outcome of any football match, “We are hoping for the best, but, expecting the worst” – Shawn Carter. Part of the marital oath says in health and in death, one shall stay glue to his/her spouse regardless of the outcome; it is a life sentence!

There’s a growing need for any Arsenal supporter to employ a systematic approach to his or her findings about the club financial model, its structural indexes to ascertain how the club is been run. Instead of expressing frustrations in the presence of foes, our foreknowledge about the club will give mind peace assuring us better days are coming. The fact is, we are presumably, the most hated club in the world and the press are not our friend as well. They relish seen us in pain, frustration and in despair. Therefore, we should be calm!

Theirs is only one thing associated with us – Loyalty – which, even the players do not possess. Players can go if they deem fit to do so, but we can’t go anywhere. It is not easy switching your allegiance in football spiritual realms. Arsenal is our wife!

Football fans must have this in their mind that, our wishes may not be fulfilled always. As there’s a higher expectation from the players, coaches and fans alike, and our trophy drought do not abate? Will you still be hoping or you will be hopeless?

We are heading to the new season. Dailies are awashed with a lot of transfer rumors which will increase our tensions. The fever is on. What if Le Prof doesn’t fulfill our wishes? What if we are not doing well? So prepare your mind in the case of unexpected! This is the line: we must support Arsenal in the time of trials, troubles and triumph!

Written by Oluwafemi Aina (227)

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  1. good article! this will prepare our minds for the season coming. and again to test our resolve on our patience once more, but i believe we will win trophy

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