Apr 222013

At the end of every hard work comes result and then credit. For those in schools you will agree with me that when every academic year is over, awards would be given, well it is so in other facets of life, football inclusive.

The professional footballers’ association Awards (PFA) for player of the year and young player of the year were both announced days ago. The shortlist for the first category comprising of Van Persie, Mata, Bale, Hazard, Suarez and Carrick.

After looking at that list you must be wondering what some names are doing there right? Well me too.

What is Hazard doing there, he was brilliant at the start of the season but lost his fine form along the line for a couple of games and not until recently that he is back to his form. Michael Carrick has been solid too but not so solid to warrant been nominated as player of the year. In my opinion, not in any way close.

On the other hand, where are the likes of Lambert, Carzola, Baines, Michu, Fellaini? Has these players not done enough to warrant been nominated?

On the young player of year category there were Benteke, Lukaku, Hazard, Bale, Wilshere & Welbeck.

Wilshere hasn’t played enough to be nominated this term due to injuries, although the few times he played he was excellent. But the bigger joke on the list is Danny Welbeck.

Danny Welbeck? Was it a mistake or did the PFA meant that? Welbeck has 2 goals in over 35 games all season and he is shortlisted? Is he there because he plays for Man United? Cleverly plays for Man United too and should have been considered instead if a United player must make the list. Was Welbeck shortlisted because the PFA needed an English young forward? If that is the case, there is Walcott, who has more goals and assists than Welbeck, even Liverpool’s Sturridge has more goals than Welbeck. So the question is why is Welbeck nominated or did the PFA do a printing error when publish the list and don’t feel like rescinding it?

And as for Bale, he is almost 24 yrs and yet he was shortlisted for younger player of the year award. Does this mean the FA lacked vision to see that there were other really “young” players who performed this season? Where is Nastasic, Sterling, Davies, Luke Shaw and the likes?

After looking at the recently released nominations for the various awards, I am beginning to be overly convinced that the English awards are becoming mere necessities or otherwise jokes. Their criteria for selection of certain players is questionable and this clearly depicts the English game’s bias attitude towards foreigners.

I remember vividly in 2009/2010 season, Drogba went for African nations cup and missed out over 7 weeks of games for Chelsea and when he came back he continued to score goals as he did before departure. The season ended with Chelsea winning the EPL and Drogba scoring 29 goals while Rooney who was present from day one of the season to the last scored 26 goals and who did the PFA named as player of the year? Rooney.

Believe it or not the FA made Rooney feel he was the best that year and you all remember how well he turned out for England in South Africa (2010 world cup)… Did he play well? No, had only two shoots on target through the tournament. Funny is it?

My point is the English FA are killing its own team, their players are over hyped and over protected. When Andy Carrol came to limelight, he was dubbed the next Ibrahimovic and was sold to Liverpool for 35 Million pounds in the most ridiculous deal ever, well you know what has become of him now.

What the English do, they do it at their own risk. Never support England in any major tournament,you’d die from cardiac arrest. The last two season have seen English teams fluff in Europe, it is for reasons like this and many more. The league is dying drastically, Michel Platini in December 2012 even said so himself and Ferguson rose to defend EPL but if you watch all leagues you will agree the EPL is no longer where it used to be.

In Conclusion, the English league is losing its standard as a results of unjustifiable and barbaric decisions made by the football association itself, PFA, the Epl and other affiliates of the FA. And until the association change its questionable ways, its national team will continue to fumble in major tournaments and the league will continue to decline. (454)

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  1. I totally agree wit u. The FA must stop dis rubbish before it’s too late.

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