Mar 102013

The match is coming upon us. Darkness rises around the Nou Camp. The Rosseneri will prepare for battle against perhaps the most legendary team of our time. Despite Barca’s current form, after seeing them dispose of Deportivo , I can tell all fellow Milan fan’s one thing coming to us, Barca are angry.

They have been ridiculed for their one floundering form in the past few years where they have been the most complete team to my mind to be able to be called faultless. Barca in a matter of a few weeks have become the laughing stock of Europe & online banter (such as FB group Soccer Memes) depicts them as being a shadow of their former selves.

However, I am not as naïve to think this Barca are going to go down quietly. To even say that is beyond reasonable! This team has only lost two matches in their league this season! Their other losses have come from a Cup they don’t care for and a huge upset against Milan. One which they underestimated. Sure, Barca have had a bad month, but at the end of the day, this was in a meaningless Cup match for them! They are thumping Primera Division on 71 points and have only lost two games. Barcelona have some of the greatest players of our age and some of the best advantages going into this match.

Messi, a player who will go down in history as being one of the all time greats, he has become one of the greatest goal scorers of all time and can determine matches at a moment of his choosing. Xavi’s precision passing can split the opposition apart and cause their defence to crumble. Inestia’s never say die attitude and ability to be in the right area at the right time is surely going to trouble Milan.

Though I would say their most important advantage going into this match is the home ground advantage, but not of the pitch, but what’s on it, not of their players, they are merely mortals and we have already got the best of them once before, but of the man officiating the game. The REFIt is more than known that Barca are actually UEFALONA and there has been a few incident’s where the referee has blatantly given them the match. I expect complete and utter chaos, Barcelona players dropping/diving like flies/sack of potatoes when our players come into 1m close to them, at least one red card and maybe a penalty or two.

This match is going to be full of drama, Barca have a point to prove and their player’s know it. Their title as the best team in the world is under threat, sure they have let other teams score a few cheap wins in recent memory but to be knocked out by an under par Milan side would be disastrous for them. As stated before their player’s are set to prove a point and have come in the media to do this.

Xavi: “Milan were lucky to win 2-0. They never attacked. A fair result would have been 0-0.” Alves: “Iniesta puts his hand in the fire for Barça to qualify for next CL round? I won’t do that, I put my whole body in the fire (smiles)” yet interestingly, our boys, have been rather quiet. I could almost say confidently quiet. We know we are only mortals, not these god like players Barca have to represent them. Though we also know along with our weaknesses they have theirs.

This is how I’m going to feel about the match, imagine Milan standing in their half. Defending for their lives.

Every tackle, every block , every recovered ball , I shall cheer Milan on. I will yell at the TV, every breath which will spur Milan onto victory.

If we do this, and knock Barca out , we prove to the world, that AC Milan are back on the rise. And finally when the Nou Camp are in ashes and Barcelona are knocked out of the Champions League, they have Milan’s permission to die.

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