Feb 082013

Rafa Benitez was supposed to be an inoculant. Roberto DI’ Matteo was incompetent and Rafa was to save the day. Inoculant – yes. Inoculum, n: a substance [a virus or toxin or immune serum] that is introduced into the body to produce or increase immunity to a particular disease. [syn: {inoculant}]

Chelsea was not going in the right direction. Result were not going our way in the English Premier League, we were on the verge of crashing out of the Champions League so something needed to be done urgently. In comes Roman with the big bang – RDM sacked. Rafa Benitez, his replacement. Fans were outrageously angry, many are still outrageously angry. Benitez of all people. What?

Roman Abramovich knew from the beginning that Rafa was not the fans’ choice, that does not matter to him. What matters to him is the club. Now, many of you may not agree with me there but what man spends an excess of £1 billion on a project without caring for it. No man alive, I will say. Roman cares for Chelsea F.C., albeit in a peculiar way. No man becomes a billionaire by not being a good manager of men, a shrewd judge of men. A common man may be a millionaire perhaps, probably by playing the lottery, but it takes the exceptional one to be the billionaire. Remember that it was his money that gave us that favorite song we now sing at matches……Champions of Europe, we know who we are.

Rafa Benitez is a virus to Chelsea F.C. fans but he was supposed to produce immunity to the decline in state of the club match records. He was supposed to go to Japan and win the World Club cup. He was supposed to make sure Chelsea stayed in the Champions’ League [ though as at that time, a tall order]. He was supposed to compete against the likes of Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal. He was brought in to win matches, not just away matches. Definitely, he was not to lose to the likes of Queens Park Rangers and Newcastle.

The night at Istanbul in 2005 is fast receding into the lost glory department for Rafa Benitez. One is even tempted to assume that it was a fluke. A miracle. Never to be repeated by a man who came back from a 3 goals deficit to win a Champions League Final match. My heart goes out to the 54 year old Carlo Ancelotti.

Could it be that Rafa had his best days in Liverpool? Inter Milan probably realized that and let him off. Chelsea F.C. is about to come to that reality too, as well as the English football community. This man simply had peaked and can do no more. Or how do you define what is happening at Chelsea currently. If a team is losing, you expect them to come back for second half with new ideas. Otherwise if a team is leading, you would expect them to either tighten up or go for the kill and not to seat back and give the initiative to their opponents.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me state again that the current Chelsea team is a pack of talented players. Every department is brimming with lads that can do wonders with their feet. Check it out; goal keeping, defense, midfield and attack. We even have talents that had to be loaned out. Our U21 is more capable than some national teams in the world. I have done a review of our fringe players before and I will not repeat that here. There are just so many good ingredients available at the club to serve the fans delicious meals every time they file out. Yes, mouth-watering spectacles of football that is worth the huge sum that faithful fans dole out on match days.

I ask again – So what’s wrong with Chelsea F.C?

Written By Jason Kayode (229)

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