Feb 082013

Well we can’t blame the lineup. We can’t blame the refs. We can only blame ourselves. What is American soccer coming too? Donovan is gone so what will happen? Dempsey and Bradley must take over but with this loss to Honduras I am not sure. The new faces coming up are good players but what needs to be done to make better players?

The youth system needs improvement. Training better players with better coaches. Kids in other countries don’t go around playing basketball or football. They only play soccer. I surely do understand that Soccer is not so popular among Americans but if we must improve the game in the country then we must sell the idea of the game to the kids. We must get the kids to enjoy the beautiful game just as they enjoy Basketball and America football. We need to train the youth to dedicate themselves to soccer and to train as best as you can. We also need to find the best athletes. With so many sports in America, the best players are spread out.

Leadership on the team needs to be enforced. Bradley is demanding from the midfield. Dempsey is on another level with other players trying to keep up. Even with those leaders, the back four has none. They have a senior centerback that can do the job but his prime is almost up. This will be it for him. America needs better defenders to even have a chance of facing up against teams of Brazil and England’s talent.

Use and train the talent we do have. There might not be a quick fix to this problem but before the world cup something needs to be done. Klinsman knows what it takes to train a world class team and I believe with time he will be able to make America a threat to the world best teams. Until then players need to find a way to increase their own ability. I believe changing leagues and moving abroad can to the trick. MLS is great and very competitive but when there is no threat if you lose then the cause is just to win a trophy. In countries that have a system of relegation, every game is intense. This is something that MSL seriously needs to consider implementing. I wouldn’t mind seeing some teams punished for the lack of wins. Until then though we need to study abroad and find our skills.

World cup is next year and do I think America has a chance. Sure why not? Will they make it far? Lets just say I think the group stage will be enough of a challenge. Surprises will happen. Soccer is a game of miracles. Until then, support the team, watch the games, and get ready for the next fixture.

Justin Bridge (234)

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  1. Nice! I totally agree.

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