Feb 022013

The 31st January or Transfer Deadline Day as it’s otherwise known was another hectic day for a Spurs fan, (I know I’m not the only football fan that thinks they should make it a national holiday) last transfer window around we was gifted with Clint Dempsey at the very end and Van der Vaart for 8 million before that so a lot of Spurs fans were optimistic that Daniel Levy was going to work his magic once again….

Looking pretty solid in Goal, defence and midfield and due to the season ending injury to Sandro we added to our midfield creativity with Lewis Holtby from German club Schalke most Spurs fans were looking for Daniel Levy to sign us a quality striker for AVB to guarantee us top 4, as always it seemed our chairman was playing hardball, morning came, afternoon came it got to around 6pm when we all started to panic and a lot of questions were being thrown about… WHO ARE WE GOING TO SIGN? WHEN IS ADEBAYOR BACK? WHAT IF DEFOE GETS INJURED? Amongst others and I’m quite sure a few of them were pulling the last bits of hair they had on their head. Just as we had given up hope Sky Sports started reporting the deal was back on could it be true?!

I was pretty skeptical even with Levy’s track record that we wasn’t going to get the player we had been teased with for the last 3-4 transfer windows which is Leandro Damaio which I don’t really understand as although he comes from the same Brazilian team Sandro came from (Internacional) he is unproven in the premier league and hasn’t shown an ounce of commitment or made a public statement of interest to join us so I don’t see what the hype is all about but who knows he could have been our version of a Luis Suarez banging the goals without a care up front, Levy in typical fashion reportedly offered him 13M at the last minute which they found totally derisory (only Levy could start off with an offer of 17M and when it comes to the deadline day offer 4M less) and Tottenham fans went from posting up the hashtags #InLevyWeTrust& #LevyTime and switched to the more negative #LevyOut #WeveBeenlevyed to name a few most proclaiming we have thrown away top 4 yet again and resorting to the fact that Bale will leave us if we don’t achieve Champions League which is nonsense we have a very strong squad and if there aren’t too many major injuries we will achieve at least 4th again this season.

Onto to this weekend and we have the slightly out of form West Brom and it has to be mentioned if you think we had bad Transfer Deadline Day West Brom had the worst, imagine being a West Brom fan seeing one of your top strikers saying he’s had enough of your club and he wanting to get into a relegation battle if that isn’t a morale lower for a club and the staff within I don’t know what is so I think this is a good time to play them. While they’ve been on good form at the start of the season they have been in a little slump and Odemwingie has been given the weekend off for obvious reason so that’s another threat upfront the haven’t got I personally think they’ll start up front with Chelsea on loan striker Lukaku who has been on fire at the moment along with Shane long they have Mulumbu in the middle who is very instrumental to helping them not leak goals but I have to admit there team is looking very lacklustre at the moment.

After his game changing performance a lot of Spurs fans want Lewis Holtby to start against West Brom so he gels in quicker which I agree with he could be a good provider and maybe get a few goals as he does strike me as a Van Der Vaart type player. Other than Kaboul and Sandro we haven’t got no major injuries so my prediction is that we’ll batter the baggies 3-1.


Written By Randy Lewis (161)

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