Jan 252013

The news of Ashley Cole’s one year extension was like music to every Chelsea fan’s ears. The huge sigh of relief was probably heard all around the world as Chelsea announced the club were in talks with a 1-year extension for Ash. Although the paperwork is not finalised just yet, the agreements are set and Ashley Cole will remain Chelsea’s leftback until summer 2014.

Chelsea’s number 3 is reported to have agreed to a massive sum of £200,000 a week, making him the highest paid defender in the world. Do you agree with this? Personally, I think this is ridiculous for the 32 year old, and truly hope it is just one of the many transfer rumours milling around at the end of this January window. We’ve heard some bizarre rumours this year going from a Torres move to Barcelona all the way to a Frank Lampard move to Manchester United- Both just as unlikely as each other. However, the Ashley Cole wage packet seems to be the most shocking to me. It makes me question whether he wants to stay a part of this club or whether he’s demanded more money from the big guy upstairs. Don’t get me wrong, I fully back that he’s worth every penny, but I’m sure there are plenty of Chelsea fans out there, who, like me would like to think Ash wants to continue wearing the blue shirt for reasons beyond money.

From a business point of view, his consistency, bursting forward runs and inspirational work ethic would have been considerably difficult to replace and had he left, an excess of roughly 20million would have been spent to replace him- A new signing who may take a while to settle in, with an average salary of £80,000 a week is definitely a riskier approach than to simply up Ashley’s wages. I know you’re all thinking young Ryan Bertrand could fill his place and after his disciplined debut in the Champions League Finals I do not doubt that one day he will. I highly rate the kid and think when the time comes he will certainly exceed expectations, but we’ll give it a couple of years yet and simply applaud the club on their decision to keep Ash on whilst relishing in his performances, regardless of how much money they’re forking out for him.

The positives we can take from this exceed far beyond a little worry about the lack of love for the club. The fact Ash will remain a blue is good enough for anyone. He is, in my eyes -alongside JT, Lamps and Cech; the heart to this current Chelsea squad, the core to this club. Unfortunately they are all in their 30s and will soon approach the same situation- with Frank already set to leave in summer. Cole’s 1year extension is one that we so often see the likes of Manchester United carrying out with their elder players. I absolutely love a club man and have the utmost respect for them, but we don’t see many of them anymore. I’ve always thought Frank Lampard and John Terry would be the next Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs with 1 year extensions until they can no longer walk, but with Roman refusing Lamps a new contract it seems very unlikely for us Chelsea fans to be able to hold onto our legends. However Ashley’s extension could possibly mean Mr Abramovich has changed the way he deals with such players. I speak for every Chelsea fan when I say one of the first things that came into mind when hearing the news was ‘Does this mean Frank is next?’ Does it? Has he finally woken up, cut the stubborn attitude and started to agree with the fans when we say we NEED our experienced lads in the dressing room, on the pitch, at the training ground? Has he realised? Time will only tell, but this is certainly one of the first stepping stones.

Written by Lauren Allison (209)

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