Jan 252013

I am once again hurt to see that Spain may be in pursuit of Tottenham’s Gareth Bale….AGAIN! Even though the Daily Mail has finally caught on to the fact that Spurs have a mini me in the making, Kenny Mcevoy who not only looks weirdly like him, but plays the same position, wears the same boots and is one of the academy’s most promising players… He simply isn’t Bale!

Bale has recently been linked to Spanish club Real Madrid even after Spurs succeeded in fighting them off this time last year, I am desperately holding onto the fact that Bale signed a new four year contract last June and that means Andre Vilas Boas has a big say in his future. Yet AVB’s views have not been very clear, with him telling The Sun that he has no concerns at all about the possibility of Bale going in January, yet keeps stating that Bale is not for sale. This worries me, it’s not long before the count down to the closure of the transfer season starts and managers start panic buying and if Spurs let go of Bale on short notice what will happen and who will replace him?

Madrid have allegedly put an offer to Spurs of £33 million with Spurs sticking to their £60 million price tag, ranking him up there with Lionel Messi, Ronaldo and Radamel Falcao. The Mirror have written that Madrid are convinced that they can get Bale to leave Spurs and he himself has allegedly told friends he would like to make the move and that he feels he is being targeted by Premier League refs for diving and has received five yellow cards as a result despite having a meeting with a top referee. Bale has always described his dives as ways of avoiding injury and is worried he will end up with a reputation…well he already has one!it is said that Madrid will use this to their advantage.

Spurs have been very lucky that they haven’t taken their seasonal down hill turn and can’t afford to start now. It can’t be denied that he would fit right in at Madrid, and give them some depth in the wing, plus, who would turn down the chance at regular Champions League football? Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to Paris Saint-German and so Bale would be a good addition to keep the team strong but I feel that Spurs need him more.

I guess Spurs fans can cling to the fact that unlike Arsenal with Robin Van Persie, Spurs don’t lean on one player to carry them through the season and so the loss of Bale might not affect us as much as RVP’s departure from the Emirates BUT Spurs still need him, at least until the end of the season.

Written By Sian Trimble-Davey (226)

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