Jan 242013

When you think back to the start of last season when de Gea made his premier league debut away at West Bromwich Albion, it was clear that there was something about the goalkeeper that showed great potential. However, he appeared shaky and nervous and it was clear there was room for improvement for the 21 year old. He seemed to almost ‘flap’ at the ball when it was in the air and there was always a little something missing. With his age being only 21 and making premier league starts for Manchester United it is understandable that the team would stick with him and allow for him to grow and improve. 18 months later, and it seems as if de Gea’s time could well be

The same weaknesses are still as evident as they were from debut. He is still weak in the air, he seems to struggle dealing with balls in the six yard box and he often parries the ball into the feet of opposition. In the past 2 weeks, these weaknesses have surfaced once more, with de Gea blamed for Sturridge’s goal at Old Trafford and more importantly, Tottenham’s last minute equalizer at White Hart Lane. The equalizer cost United all 3 points and cut their 7 point lead over City to just 5.

It seems as though Alex Ferguson may be getting tired of waiting for de Gea to step up his game. These mistakes are costing United valuable points and almost overshadow great performances. The most recent instance of this being the superb match played by Vidic and Ferdinand against Tottenham. The two centre backs were appearing to be hitting full form as United held out Tottenham for 92 minutes at White Hart Lane before de Gea failed to cope with a cross that ultimately cast a large blemish on United’s defensive performance.

Perhaps de Gea is simply struggling to acclimatize to the pace and physicality of the English game and would be much better suited in returning to his home country Spain. A move here seems likely as his girlfriend still lives in Madrid, making the move for de Gea much more appealing. Real Madrid’s interest in de Gea seems to have risen whilst Barcelona also appear to be closely watching the situation unravel. United may snap up Iker Casillas or Victor Valdes in return for de Gea, as the future of the two keepers at their clubs remains uncertain. If Manchester United can sign a goalkeeper who is able to deal with these weaknesses of de Gea, Manchester United may greatly increase their chances of regaining the premier league title and increasing their record of most English league titles to 20.

de Gea may still stay at United if his performances improve, however the door may open in the summer, allowing de Gea to walk out of a forgettable career at Old Trafford.

Written By Callum Synnott (135)

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