Jan 172013

The 2013 MLS Superdraft is set to take place on January 17th ( today ) in Indianapolis. For those soccer fans outside of North America who aren’t familiar with the Superdraft, it is an event that happens every year in January and it is used by MLS clubs to sign players out of universities and colleges in Canada and the US. The team that finishes bottom of the league table at the end of the season receives the 1st pick of the following years draft, this year Toronto FC will get the first pick of the draft as well as the 3rd. The MLS also holds an annual 4 day scouting event in Florida prior to the draft so coaches and scouts can watch the players compete in a high level match environment.

The Vancouver Whitecaps currently hold the 5th and 10 picks. They are looking strongly towards three specific types of players, central midfielders, target strikers and fast wingers. Last year, the Whitecaps drafted the speedy Jamaican striker Darren Mattocks first overall who saw decent success in 2012 scoring 7 goals and 1 assist. The ‘Caps are hoping to draft a striker who is able to play along side Mattocks and is capable of coming back into the midfield and showing for the ball.

In July of last season, the Whitecaps transferred their creative Swiss-Italian midfield maestro Davide Chiumiento to FC Zurich in Switzerland. His absence was noticeable for the remainder of the season and the ‘Caps are looking to draft a player who can bring some creativity to the table and play along side the Whitecaps starting centermid Gershon Koffie. One player the Whitecaps have kept a keen eye on is Kyle Bekker, a Canadian central midfielder who would be particularly suitable to play along side Koffie in the ‘Caps manager, Martin Rennie’s preferred formation of 4-3-3.

With the 2013 MLS Superdraft just around the corner, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the rest of the MLS clubs are gearing up to make a player selection that they hope will turn out well in the seasons to come. A good draft pick can result in a player becoming a legend for their club further down the road, we are looking at the MLS stars of tomorrow and we will see how they can perform for their respective clubs in the upcoming 2013 Major League Soccer season.

Written By Jake Vendramin (209)

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