Jan 142013

Five things Spurs have learnt from their draw against QPR.

Now, I only got to see parts of the game while I was working at Craven Cottage, but to be honest my thoughts were “It’s only QPR.” Last in the league and at first sight they weren’t too much of a threat, until they Beat Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge. It was only then that everyone sat up and started to take notice of QPR. With Harry Redknapp’s reputation, this should have happened on the 24th of November but since the beginning of Harry’s rein they have only won twice, maybe his approach to saving them from relegation is a little different to the one he used with Spurs.

Spurs on the other hand need to keep a longer running winning streak and could do with some more consistency, after comfortable victories over Aston Villa, Sunderland and Reading, all at the bottom of the table, QPR should have been a doddle. They can learn a lot from yesterday’s performance, the draw has cost them the third place in the league to Chelsea, especially since they now face Man United and Norwich in their next few games.

It’s not as bad as it looks

The result wasn’t as bad is it could have been, Spurs sometimes have a tendency to win games they shouldn’t…Manchester United away, lose games they shouldn’t…Wigan at home. But yesterday they managed to keep a clean sheet and create chances whilst playing a team who are fighting for their place in the Premier League. They kept their cool and were as dominant as they could possibly be against a resolute defense whose main aim was to give Tottenham very little to go on and almost took a lead. The stats ended in Spurs favour, 16 total shots as apposed to QPR’s 4 and Spurs had 8 shots on target while QPR had 3, this draw for Spurs should be looked at a point gained, not two lost.

Sandro is key

The loss of Sandro Raniere to a knee injury in the first half shook Spurs like the sending off of Emmanuel Adebayor during the game against Arsenal in November. The loss of a key player would shake every team but Moussa Dembele clearly struggled to be a threat in attack whilst having to drop back and cover the hole in defense left by the injured defender and Scott Parker failed to create the impact Sandro had established in the first 25 minutes. Spurs are very lucky that the injury has not been reported as serious, fingers crossed he is deemed fit for the Manchester United home game, a huge game for the club and a lot of pressure to deliver just like they did last September.

Adebayor is not “This seasons signing”

The absence of Emmanuel Adebayor to the Africa Cup of Nations could work in and Clint Dempsey’s favour. The striker has contributed little to the success of Spurs, scoring just two goals in the whole season and getting a red card in the crucial match against Arsenal in November. Last season he proved himself to be one of the best strikers in the Premier League and did his best to get signed by Spurs, fan were split about him but were mainly eager to get his signature on the contract, now, we don’t know what’s gone wrong. But his break from Premier League football could be the opportunity Dempsey needs to prove himself along side Jermain Defoe. I really hope he is chosen and does some damage this weekend, it could limit further the appearances of Adebayor but if it means Spurs get the points, sacrifices have to be made.

The Spurs defense is a decent one

Credit must be given to the Spurs defense, although QPR didn’t get as many opportunities, Michael Dawson and Jan Vertonghen established themselves as a dynamic duo and stayed well within their comfort zones throughout the game and Hugo Lloris was only really tested now and then by Shaun Wright-Pillips so the minor holes left by Sandro were no threat and they coped well.
The Spurs defense have let in only 27 goals in 22 games, only 10 of them have been conceded by Lloris, that’s a good set of stats to take into their game against Manchester United at The Lane this weekend.

Llois deserves his no1 shirt

As stated earlier, of the 27 goals conceded by Tottenham only 10 of them have been by Lloris, he’s kept a clean sheet throughout seven of his 11 matches and become the new fan favorite over 41 year old Brad Friedel. Llois wasn’t put under too much pressure during the clash against QPR, and didn’t have something to prove to Redknapp but made a serious save when he had to come out of his box to clear the ball from Shaun Wright-Phillips who was looking to pass to Adel Taarabt. He will truly prove himself next week against Man U, lets hope for a good result. (233)

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