Jan 022013

Months on from the liquidation of Rangers the apocalyptic visions of Scottish football’s demise without them has proven to be entirely inaccurate. In fact Rangers being demoted to the third division has proven to make the game in Scotland far more competitive and progressive with teams like Motherwell, Inverness and Hibs all challenging Celtic at the top of the table. Why would the media and even SFA and SPL officials tell such scary yet entirely false stories?

Perhaps and just perhaps it’s because Scottish football is corrupt, is it just a coincidence that the chairman of the SFA also owns 3505 shares in Rangers? I suspect for that same reason Rangers were able to get away with tax evasion and paying their players with their infamous tax free loans for so long. I’ve noticed lots of English football fans criticise Scottish football and claim Rangers and Celtic are the only good teams.

But ask yourself why have Rangers and Celtic had been dominant for so long prior to the Rangers tax case, probably because the SFA and SPL know that Rangers and Celtic are marketable names and that their old firm clashes alone rake in millions from ticket sales and TV deals and rather than creating a fair and competitive division they would sooner see the old firm monopolise the league thus lining their own pockets.

During the vote to decide whether or not Rangers should remain in the SPL funnily enough Celtic abstained from the vote along side Kilmarnock whereas every other team in the league quite rightly voted in favour of Rangers being banished from the league. It would seem Rangers and Celtic aren’t such fierce rivals after all well at least not at board room level.

Finally I’d like to point out that when Gretna were liquidated in 2008 the SFA and SPL made no effort whatsoever to keep them in professional Scottish football and they were simply had to start again at the very bottom of Scottish football in regional divisions however Rangers were somehow entitled to remain in professional football just because they’re Rangers and are somehow more important than anyone else. Until every club in Scotland can compete on a level playing field (pardon the pun) Scottish football will be miles behind their English counterparts.

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