Apr 222010

A crazy weekend in the Premier League with Manchester City losing to Manchester United in injury time for the third time this season. Tottenham then followed up its win against Arsenal with one against Chelsea. Those six points have seen it take fourth spot and have a two point lead over City.

Things continue to get interesting regarding the fourth spot with City going to Emirates to take on Arsenal while Tottenham go to Old Trafford to tackle Manchester United. It is an interesting schedule which gives Spurs these three consecutive games but could they do the impossible and take nine points from them?

The United match is the early game and the City one is the late one on Saturday. In City’s favour is that Arsenal are out of the race and have nothing to play for. Even crazier about the fight for fourth spot is that the goal difference between Spurs and City currently stands at one goal in favour of Spurs. If that is level it goes to who has scored more goals and currently City has one more than Spurs so things couldn’t be tighter between the two.

Chelsea have a game against Stoke and this should be relatively stress free for them. Stoke have nothing to play for and so you would expect Chelsea to take the three points at home. Most online betting has Chelsea as the favorite.

Of the teams currently in the bottom three, only Hull has the chance to avoid relegation. They host Sunderland and need to win this game is they are to have a hope of not dropping to the Championship. West Ham are only three points above them and play Wigan. This is a tricky game.

You would think that Wolves are safe and thus everyone above them can breath a sigh of relief. Usually 40 points is the threshold for being safe but it looks as though teams are going to be ok with less than that.

It hasn’t been the best season for Liverpool and the pressure is going to mount on Rafa Benitez. They face Burnley, Chelsea and Hull in their final three games so two of those should be ok for them. Saying that, they also have to recover from their trip to Spain which they had to do by bus due to the volcano in Iceland.

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