Dec 302012


It was over a month and 11 goals ago when last time Manchester United kept a clean sheet, until, yesterday when they faced the likes of Lukaku, Odemwingie and Long and somehow managed to keep a clean sheet, on a day which saw 35 goals being scored in the premier league! Much praise of this should go to returning captain Vidic and Evans. They brushed aside everything that came to them wave after wave in the 2nd half and stats don’t lie – United won 20/25 Aerial duels and made 12 tackles and 17 interceptions. It was a busy day at the office for them and both were solid at the back aside from couple off situations. Main thing to be noted is that Vidic will improve and prove to be a massive boost for United in the busy 2nd half of the season.

Kagawa is back. And it feels like he was never out!

Kagawa’s inclusion was taken by the fans in a positive way and everyone was delighted that in absence of Rooney, he’d be of great use. There were questions raised about rushing him in the 1st team so early, but they were all answered as he produced a fine performance in the 60 odd minutes he played. He completed a staggering 97% of his passes, misplacing only 1 and provided the creative flair needed to the team. The sooner he gets back to his best the better for United as the eyes will soon turn to European league.

The 60-30 factor!

Yes, it was a clean sheet, yes, United won, but once again, there came a period of 25-30 minutes where United lost the plot and were chasing the game and trying to play catch up with a pretty weak West Brom team. They have had to deal with this almost every game regardless of the final score. No one expects United to dominate the games like Barcelona do but the sudden lack of concentration will cost them sooner or later and it’s one of the factor Sir Alex cannot ignore and should not be swept under the carpet. It may also be the reason in the amount of goals they have conceded.

Robin Van Persie is the darling of Old Trafford

It wasn’t going on well for the Red Devils when he came on and they were struggling to get the ball out of their own half due to constant flurry of attack from West Brom forwards, but, like a superhuman, RVP produced another magical goal just when United needed to make sure they put the game to bed and not conceded yet another goal. His quality finishing has raised the bar for other strikers in the team and when he is on the pitch, you always get a feeling like he will score and everything will be fine.

It’s a team of hardworkers!

One thing is for sure, apart from the championship winning mentality the team and the club has, this team is a proper unit which works hard and hence is successful in grinding the results out. And it’s the young players who strive hard to make sure they earn their place in next week’s fixture. Had it not been for Welbeck’s perseverance, he would not have got ball from Clichy and United would have drawn that game. Same was with Chicharito who was down every time he missed a chance but he got up and was rewarded for the grit he showed. Cleverley too, worked his socks and his footprints where all over the pitch yesterday.

Written By Redscout (248)

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