Dec 192012

Win. Just win games….

That we lost the World Club Cup is no longer news. So many articles have been written on it. Many pundits have analysed the Rafa Banitez game plan. Oscar had expressed his dismay at being excluded from the starting line-up for the game. Several comments had been made and many had expressed their thoughts on the game. Here are mine too but from a different perspective.

What makes champions tick? What sets apart a team from the rest? Are there really extra-ordinary players? What was in the team that won at Munich and the one that wobbled at the International Stadium Yokohama?


It is said that a winner never counts himself out. The current squad lacks the winning mentality. It’s the believe that no matter is thrown at the team by the opposition, the team will win. It’s the glint in the eyes of the players as they enter the pitch. It’s the confident assurance of a lion’s glance at a sheep. You are my meat and I am having you for dinner, the look says.

It’s the mentality that made Didier Drogba to jump and meet that corner from Juan Mata in the 89th minute. Believe. Confident assurance. Call it arrogance if you like. It’s the presence of mind that enables Drogba to take the decisive kick on the night even though he had lost that same kick for his country.

The winning mentality is missing in the Chelsea team.


The guts to try. Nobody becomes champions by playing Southampton every week. Arsenal played Reading on Monday and won. Wenger is celebrating the end of crisis. Arsenal F.C. is expected to beat Reading every time they met. Chelsea F.C. is expected to win always. Always.

The grit is no longer there. When the muscles are aching, when all around are calling time up, when the opponents thought you are down and out, that’s when winners fight back. That’s when legends are made. That’s what is missing in the team.

Team work…..

It’s a game of eleven boys against eleven boys fighting for one ball. It’s a team sport. One for all, all for one. From Cech to Torres. It’s a synergy and it should flow. More often this season that has been lacking. The flow. The fluid, the understanding, the almost telepathic transmission. Recall the all conquering team of Barcelona F.C. and you will understand what I mean. Replay the Cech -Lampard – Drogba transmissions plus the supporting cast of Terry, Ivanovic, Ashely Cole, Mikel, Ramires and at times Anelka.

Visible Leaders…..

You must have heard of the Chelsea’s Sergeant Major. Leader, legend. You know him, John Terry. What about their talisman from Africa, Didier Drogba. Of course, there is a leader from the midst of the pack….. Frank Lampard. When in crisis and you look around and see those men with you, you will want to charge down the enemies flank.

That’s what Chelsea is missing. Now those men cannot be around forever. The team manager needs to make sure there are leaders in the team during every match. The danger is that such men can take it to the extreme, that’s when the ability of the team manager comes to play.

Keep it simple…..

Back the bus where necessary. Play the passing game whenever you can but just keep it simple. There was once a manager in the club that didn’t play pretty. He just wants to win. Simple. And he won. Chelsea F.C. won its first League trophy in fifty [50] years. For me that’s simple enough.

Win. Just win games, starting with Leeds tonight. Just win.

Written  by @kaykay_ayodeji  (511)

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  1. D only problem in chelsea is tores nothing I can add.

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