Nov 192012

Football is a sport. Goals, victories and trophies are the antecedent effects that propel fans into a frenzy. As beautiful as football is as a sport, it can be likened to an exam where the students answer the questions with the examiner accessing them. Uhmmm, you might wondering where the correlation lies. Come with me and let me show you.

The coach tutoring his player stands as the student writing the exam. He has the tactics while the student has the answers or solutions to the questions as the case may be but he needs to put the answers out on the answer sheet and that is where the pen comes in ditto for the coach as well. He needs to put his tactics to work on the pitch and only his players can do that. A faint pen makes the answers illegible for the examiner, this could adversely affect the student’s result. Ditto for the coach, if his players are not good enough and cannot interpret his tactics on the pitch, the chances of the team emerging winner is hugely reduced and the job of the coach is also hanging in the balance.

A student can know the answer, have a very good pen but also needs a good handwriting. A bad handwriting might be difficult to read by the examiner and this could also prevent success ditto for football as well. A team with a sound coach having great players but a boring or terrible style of play could be adjudged a poor team.

Students also have their area of competence. Some students are very good in some subjects while weak in others while some students are just sound all through. This is also evident in football, some managers and clubs are dominant in some competitions but complete weaklings in others.

Based on the above analysis, I would divide the top European clubs into different classes.

Knows the answer, have beautiful handwriting but bad pen will only result in failure. Arsenal is a classical example. Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers around but lack of quality players have robbed him of success in recent seasons.

Knows the answer a bit, beautiful handwriting and a very good pen will ultimately result in success. Barcelona is a true example. Guardiola wasn’t the best manager when he took over Barcelona but with the caliber of players at his disposal, he achieved extra-ordinary success. With players like Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, the sky is but the starting point.

Knows the answer a bit, flexible handwriting and good pen will bring partial success. A good example is Manchester United. Sir Fergie is a very good coach with track record of success but his success in Europe as reduced in recent seasons owing to the dominance of Barcelona there. He seemed unable to fashion out a strategy that could halt the Catalans. As for flexible handwriting, Manchester United can play both good and ugly football depending on the environment and opponent. Seems to be the edge they have in the Premier League.

Don’t know the answer, trying to imitate good handwriting but a good pen will bring little success. The best example for this is Manchester City. Mancini is a very poor and tactically inept gaffer ( my opinion ) but the players he has been able to amass owing to the humongous wealth of the club owner have brought him relative success in recent seasons but his tactical ineptitude have limited their success to only domestic championships. In Europe, they are as poor as Wigan in the Premier League.

Just get the answer no matter how, poor handwriting and very good pen. This seems to the forte of all of Mourinho’s teams.The only language the Portuguese manager understands is victory and doesn’t care how it is achieved. Often times, his football had been labeled anti-football by pundits but that had not deterred him from going about it the best way he knows how. Been able to amass players of good quality at Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid has helped him achieve success albeit Ronaldo stands as the peak of his pack.

Don’t know the answer, confusing handwriting and a very poor pen. This is the state of the Reds. Liverpool have descended into an abject state since the departure of Alonso, Benitez and Torres in that order. The club managed an Europa League spot and a domestic cup last season but this season seems to be the worst in recent years under rookie manager Brendan Rodgers. He seems unqualified for the Anfield hot seat while the current crop of players are just not good enough. With the abject start the Reds have had this season, Liverpool would be lucky to finish in the first half of the table.

Is there really a relationship between pen and football? Guess there is and I just proved it. (Winks).

Written by Kolade Omotosho (351)

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