Mar 172012

Guest Post by STIFF toh Badt

Think of arsenal this season, only one name rings “ROBIN VAN PERSIE”. The flying Dutch man is having the best form of his career. Since the first game in 2011 against Birmingham, the Arsenal striker has broken several goal record scoring both at club level and Epl at large. He has erected his name in the legendary Hall of fame.

The good thing about Van Persie is, he can play various positions on the field as a False 9, left wing, right wing and as a midfield maestro, a typical robost modern day footballer. He makes goals, scores goals, extremely talented, sublimely skillful and an unapologetic display of football artistry that has genius written all over it. 35 Premier league goals in 36 games in one calendar year is only bettered by the legendary goal-machine ALAN SHEARER, still mysterious how he missed the EUROPEAN TOP 11. He re-wrote history last night, surpassing RUUD VAN NISTEROOY’s 25-goals a season by a Dutchman. His current form is absolutely freighting, his goal per game ratio in one word – LETHAL

With curtain falling slowly on the season, the question on everyone’s lips is “will he stay, will he leave”

LOYALTY: 80% of Arsenal players owe their career to ARSENE WENGER, RVP not an exception. The Frenchman stood by him when everyone lost faith. I honestly doubt RVP staying this long at a top club like he did with his catalogue-full of injury. Personally, I feel this is RVP’s second season at ARSENAL. He is not only enjoying his football at the moment, he is absolutely adored and worshipped at the club. Don’t see him getting the kind of unconditional love and freedom he has at ARSENAL at any other club

SILVERARE: Realistically, a player of RVP’s quality and class should have his cabinet filled with silverwares. Yes, he is injury prone but the few times he stayed he has been lethal. Hopes of winning silverwares with ARSENAL takes huge setback, as always there is always a next season. Barcelona gulps trophies with ease, integral player or not possibility of winning silverware is almost 100%. It might be a possible destination for the Dutchman, but Van Persie is the sort of player that likes to impose himself on the pitch, with MESSI on the pitch? I sincerely doubt his influence will be noticeable.

MONEY: Sugar daddy pampered club posses the power to tempt a player with salary he can only dream of, mouth watering bonuses that rings evergreen music to your ears. Rumors already spreading like wild-fire that Roberto Mancini wants the Dutchman at Eastland, ready to test Arsene’s bargaining skills. Tempting the Frenchman to sell Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy last season might have given the Italian hope of landing ARSENAL most prized asset.

All in all, I believe VAN PERSIE is going nowhere. The fans love him, the players love him, the younger players look up to him, and the senior players respect him. He leads on and off the pitch, defends the younger players on the field (something CESC failed to do). He has embraced the role of a captain whole-heatedly and his first to credit the player that assisted his goal, no matter who (FRANCIS COQUELIN against Blackburn). Like they say, it’s football…. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN

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  3 Responses to “Robin Van Persie’s State Of Mind : LOYALTY… SILVERWARE…MONEY. Will He Stay, Will not.”

  1. During the run of form we’ve got, you wanna bring this up rather than enjoy the ride? Write about the emergence of the great new Arsenal. The first real team since the birth of the new stadium. The future of england with the likes of Wilshire, Walcot, Afobe and the Ox. The new found resilience. The resurrection of the home crowd and the come-back of Rosicky.
    Personally, I’m watching RYO bust up the Spuds wings at 5:30. Lighten up you wind-up merchant! you worry more than my nan.Write about WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. That would be interesting.
    Wenger DOES know- from 17th – 4th pushing on 3rd after a huge transition = genius
    Now the stadium is nearly paid for, silverware will come to us like desperate critics used to.

  2. Before we get carried away by the Euphoria.. We need to start our rebuilding now! The biggest contract we can make this season is to retain RVP.. To retain him,we have to shoe Ambition.. If we can play like this @least 25games a season? The league is ours

  3. @Dave Highbury,you probably an english fan! How can u say this? What he wrote is exactly what we global arsenal fans need! U cant talk about anything about arsenal form or Resurgence of arsenal without RVP! Everything that is happening gat him on it. More than 30 goals now and a captain and all u want is for him to blog about your english players bla bla bla! Infact this article may even help help us indirctly to make RVP to stay! God bless the guy who wrote this article! U are a true GUNNER!!!

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