Mar 152012

Guest post by Ben Hart

Just three weeks ago, life was good at White Hart Lane. Ten points clear in third spot and still the slight belief that they can push for the title. But now, it’s a difference story.

Tottenham have, in its simplest terms, imploded. They blew a winning position at the Emirates to go down 5-2, lost 3-1 on home turf to Man United and also failed to take a point from Everton, going down 1-0. Some are already claiming spurs wont even get champions league football next year but, there is hope.
Tottenham have, in it’s simplest terms

Although Spurs have lost their last 3 in the league, they haven’t played too badly in any game. Against Arsenal, they were 2-0 up and arguably the better team for most of the first half. Against united they had double the amount of shots, more possession and domination of the match but lost to some clinical and quality finishes. Also, Vs Everton, they had 17 shots to Everton’s six, hit the bar and scored an offside goal.

The fact is, those writing off spurs are as bad as those that wrote off Arsenal earlier in the year and said Swansea have no chance of staying up.

Nobody ever knows what’s around the corner in football and Tottenham are no different. On Saturday, they entertain Bolton Wanderers at home with the chance of getting to the FA cup semifinals and are favourites to win it. As well as this, Tottenham’s only genuine hard league game left I’d Chelsea away whereas their rivals have a much harder run in.

Don’t write off spurs just yet, they are still strong in 3rd spot and have a real shot at the FA cup. Come on you spurs.

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  5 Responses to “Tottenham Fans : Keep The Faith You Can Still Finish Ahead Of Arsenal”

  1. HAHAHAHA honestly do these stupids spuds actually think they will finish ahead of us!!!!! Lol they really make me laugh when I listen to spud fans almost as much as harry’s twitch does!!!!! They are relying on an arsenal reject to get them into the champions league while defo who I personally think is a beta player rots on the bench!! Harry should be ashamed of himself Ade is a mercenary playing for himself at least defo played for spurs and the fans… Anyway spurs are a joke and Harry is a plonked with no tactical ability u lot deserve to end up 6th this year

  2. The guy above is clearly a wanky deluded arse fan living in the past. Spurs have clearly been better than arse all season and have been ahead of them the whole season. What a twat!

  3. Its ridiculous 2 hear the tinnies speak sometimes. Anyway keep dreaming but dont forget dat north london is red. Inferiors, arsenal wannabes

  4. We wil stil finish above the tinnies and y’all are afraid to live wit it

  5. To be sincere, I think the 3rd position is Spurs’ own to lose. They have the easiest run in. Arsenal still have to play Everton ( massive banana peel if you ask me ), Man city and Chelsea.

    P:s : Can we all make our minds known without having to insult other people’s. I allowed some comments to go live on the blog because I do not see them as personal attacks on anyone but any personal attack on any commenter will be declined.

    Be warned.

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