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Football is more of than a business than ever before. Ridiculous amounts of money are being splashed about, and it is creating a situation where spending huge amounts of money is the only way to gain success. Manchester United have always been the biggest spenders, but Chelsea, and most recently Manchester City, have been purchased by men with almost limitless money, and who are willing to keeping spending until success is an almost certainty.

Manchester City have had a lot of criticism from all types of football fans, who claim that City have just ‘bought’ their way to the title. This is a very controversial and, in some ways, inaccurate statement indeed, as I am about to prove.

 Below is a comparison between the team that Man United had when they won the title last season, and the City team that are top of the league this season:

 Man United – League Winners 2011

 Van Der Sar – £2mil

Smalling – £12mil

Ferdinand- £33mil

Vidic- £7mil

Evra- £5.5mil

Valencia- £16mil

Carrick – £18mil

Anderson – £20.4mil

Nani – £21.6mil

Rooney- £25.6mil

Berbatov – £30.75mil

 Total= £191.85mil

 Man City – League Leaders 2012

 Hart – £1.5mil

Richards – Trainee

Kompany – £6mil

Lescott – £22mil

Clichy – £7mil

Silva – £24mil

Barry – £12 mil

Yaya Toure – £24mil

De Jong – £18mil

Nasri – £25mil

Aguero – £38mil

 Total= £177.5mil

 As you can see, Manchester United actually spent more money on their starting team than City. City have bought their way to the top just like United, but did it over a much shorter period. However, Manchester United have created much more revenue than City, so have had more money to spend. Even taking this into account, they have spent way more than could afford, given the huge debt surrounding the club at the moment, thanks to the owners, the Glazer family.

 This is why I believe that it will be a very long time before Tottenham, Arsenal or Liverpool wins the league again. It is not anything personal against these clubs, I am just being realistic. Tottenham’s wage structure means that they cannot attract the top players, even if they could afford to buy them. Arsenal also seems reluctant to spend large sums of money, so cannot attract or keep world class players.

 The main reason why I believe these three clubs will not win the league is because their owners simply don’t have the ability to continually plough huge sums of money into the club to produce a team of eleven real world class players. They simply cannot afford it, so will always have a team that is simply unable to realistically compete with the likes of Manchester City over the 38 game season.

 Money speaks louder than anything in football. You need to be able to pay huge transfer fees to sign world class players, and be able to pay astronomical wages to keep the players at your club. Teams simply cannot compete against the unlimited money of Sheikh Mansour at Manchester City.

Manchester United and City have bought the title. Football clubs are no longer about history or passion, money is much more important now.


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  7 Responses to “To Win The League, You Must Buy The Title”

  1. I like that you completely disregarded Scholes AND Giggs from United’s line-up. When would Anderson EVER start ahead of Scholes? Article is based on nothing but a few prices. Why don’t you actually show some journalistic ambition and ask the differences between the two clubs in your example? Many of United’s players were not proven at the top level and still had improving to do when they signed – Evra, Vidic, Smalling, Nani, Anderson (if you insist on including him). Even Rooney was not the player he is now straightaway. Stupid point made badly. Obviously money is important, but why not ask why?

  2. @ – ( you did not give a proper name ), we appreciate your comment but I think you can do better if you do not attack the writer but instead make your point clear.

    I am a Gunner fan and we all have our opinions just like the writer does have his own opinion as well.

  3. Yeah, I agree that I probably should have included Giggs or Scholes, it was just that I thought that Anderson played a lot last season, as giggs and Scholes are really old and wouldn’t have always started.

  4. I think I made my point very clear, backing it up with much more reasoning than the kid who wrote this. I was even constructive, offering food for thought by giving questions such as ‘why is money so important’. Oh and thanks for the reply ‘Barker331’.. But you’ve made another completely defunct point. Anderson made 18 Premier League appearances last season. Scholes? 22. Giggs? 25! Maybe in future you should consider actually finding some information to base a statement like that on.

    All I am doing is trying to help the guy improve – sometimes that means being harsh. We’ve all been treated harshly at some point in our lives, hopefully this might motivate the writer to improve.

  5. Well done for deleting your comment ‘Barker331’.. shows you are very good at taking criticism. Like I said, I was trying to help you improve – just because I didn’t say something like ‘this was a fantastic article’ it doesn’t make my opinion any less valid. I’ll be looking out for your articles on here in future, don’t be so intimidated if I do happen to offer an opinion other than largely fake, glowing praise from time to time.

  6. I admit that this is not my best by any stretch of the imagination. I rushed in writing it and didn’t give it anywhere near as much thought as I should. I made a lot of assumptions, as you saw in my comment previously. Your comments were correct and completely justified, as reading it back showed me how poor it really was. My next one will be better for certain, well, I hope so anyway. Can’t really get worse

  7. No, no, no. It wasn’t about me showing you ‘how poor it really was’. This was just me giving you some firm criticism, giving you my opinion of how you could improve. I have read an awful lot worse, I assure you. It’s clear that perhaps you aren’t a natural, but that you’ve got what is arguably just as important; passion. Take on board what people like I say – don’t necessarily accept it as truth, but appreciate the feedback and with experience, as in anything, you will improve. Do you know anyone personally who does similar writing? Ask to read some of their work and/or ask them to read yours if possible. Oh and one other thing. Be proud of your work! That last comment of ‘Can’t really get much worse’ was hard to read. You’ve put your time and effort into this – it wasn’t your best work, no, but be proud of what it is. As I said I’ll look out for your articles on here in future and try to give my two cents. Never give up Barker331!

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