Feb 242012

Guest post by Daniel S-C.

More Problems For Chelsea And AVB, or a humbling which is a blessing in disguise. Napoli 3 – 1 Chelsea

I’m going to say it right now, as a Chelsea fan, we should have won. Not only did we get more chances, but our general play was better. Why didn’t we win? We didn’t win because of the same mistakes that cost us games at Man Utd, at home to Liverpool and away at Everton. The defence is a shambles, Bosingwa getting injured in the first 10 minutes was probably a better stroke of fortune than the horrid clearance from one of Napoli’s very frail defenders to lead to Mata’s goal to get Chelsea one up.

I hate to say that about a person but it’s been proven time and time again that Bosingwa cannot defend. Another problem is Meireles… what does he offer to Chelsea that Lampard or Essien cannot? The answer is a ridiculous haircut. Ramires surprisingly had a shocker of a game and it was surprising as he’s been one of our best performers this season, along with the Spanish genius that is Mata.

I cannot praise Juan Manuel Mata enough for his efforts and what he offers the team, but he is put on the bad end of results most of the time because of our poor defence. I thought David Luiz had defended comfortably until Lavezzi’s second goal to make it 3-1. You do not try and hit a bouncing ball with the leg that your running on, ever. Not only that, but he was so casual about it, lightly flipping at it, no swinging left foot action, just a casual flick of the right foot. He, and Chelsea paid the ultimate price. The wonderman Cavani pounced and it was an easy pass to Lavezzi to effectively tap in.

This was only at 64 minutes, so Chelsea had a large portion of time to get back at them. Before the third goal Chelsea were dominating possession and a huge proportion of the play. But AVB again waited until the 70th minute to make the impact subs, who in my opinion, should have started (Lampard and Essien). The person that I put most blame on the loss for has to be Drogba. He looked disinterested and he was lazy, three times he was caught offside when he was too “tired” to track back for a goalscoring opportunity.

In conclusion, another deserved poor result for the boys in blue from Stamford Bridge and another turning point for AVB… how long he will last is a test of King Roman’s patience.

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  1. Wonderful insight.

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