Feb 232012

This is a guest post by Ryan Adrian

Member’s of the arsenal’s old boys club are doing the unthinkable. For the good of the Gunners, they are turning their backs on their managerial mentor. Ordinarily, the names Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp, Emmanuel petit and martin keown provide a legends Call. Now, they represent a rebel alliance calling for a change, a dismantling of the old empire. And they are right.

Never before in Arsene Wenger’s illustrious reign in north london have so many old boys turned against his tactics. They are not calling for his head- yet. they expect Wenger to resuscitate a dying club. For the Arsenal boss, this is an unprecedented humiliation; the elder surgeon being told how to operate by his former interns, but he must acknowledge the critisicm.

Either the Frenchman makes deep surgical incisions to stop the Loss of trophies and talent, or concedes that his best days with a soccer scalpel are behind him.
For all the accusations of a tight-fisted manager, Wenger oversees the fourth highest wage bill in the Premier league, a whopping 124.4 million euros. But a team paid in peanuts could not have conjured a more shambolic performance in Iltaly.

No one covered themselves in glory, but Aaron Ramsey and Theo walcott failed to live up to their billing and arteta is like a steven pienaar ( Pienaar only performs well in an everton shirt) and Tomas Rosicky is only a shadow of his former self.

While All those beyond the fringe, including Chamakh and Arshavin are collectively Wenger’s greatest strength and weaknesses. He’s loyal to the point of stubborness. Or his Stubborn refusal to entertain criticism makes him loyal to the players who are underachieving. Either way, he often speaks of his inabillty to raise the funds or find value in the transfer market when the Offloading of chamakh and Arshavin could have given him a chance to sign players like Scott parker or Phil jones at least.

United have outbid the gunners for most signings during wengers time at arsenal, but losing parker to Our next door neighbours angers the Gooners a lot. They saw a refusal to spend on players, which angered almost all the gooners. Later this month, Arsenal’s half-yearly account and a profit of 55 millino euros is expected from the sale of Fabregas, Na$ri and Clichy.

When wenger finally decided to blow the cobwebs of the club’s safe, he bought Mertasacker and Arteta, respected professionals but do not have the leadership which most notably Fabregas had. This last minute signings sure did buy Wenger time, but did not buy him leaders. Though hardly a Tony Adams, Fabregas demanded respect due to his amazing talent for football. And he rightfully deserves it. Van Persie has the talent, but not the position to be a leader. A leader cannot lead when he is always being isolated up front by the defenders, strayed from his teammates with no strike partners because wenger failed to sign any.

Henry provided a beautiful smokescreen, which was blown away by the ruthless defeat at Milan. What a way to leave Arsenal. There was little Van Persie could do at Milan. there was a lot Walcott could do against Milan, but he didn’t. He’s just too inconsistent despite the fact that whenever the young boy performs well, the whole squad does too. Wenger may continue to keep Walcott and Ramsey to work with the ox, again following the youth policy. But they boys took one hell of a beating at Milan. Only Full changes at the end of the season, a clearout never witnessed by the Frenchman, will give Arsenal any chance to rise up again. Wenger stands in the debris of a destroyed empire. His legacy has one final chance to rebuild itself. But if Wenger doesn’t, his reign will be over. surely.

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